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Most units use WASD movement.
Aircraft that don't hover, like the Peregrine and bomber, move where you point the cursor.
Some units, like the Gladiator, have alternate guns which fire with right-click, but most units just hav.

Tactics Core is a free, multiplayer MOBA-shooter built in HTML5. Play as a variety of different units, including tanks, mechs and aircraft. Level up your unit by destroying enemy units. Access new abilities and make your unit stronger with each new level.

Tactics Core is the official spin-off Strike Tactics, the free browser RTS, and was formally called STBA (Strike Tactics Battle Arena).

How To Play?

Select your unit. Each unit has its own strengths & weaknesses. Unlock more units with more kills.

Attack the enemy. Destroy enemy units and buildings to level up and become stronger.

Destroy the enemy base to win the game!




  1. Added 3 new units: the Spider Tank, Warhawk and Decimator.

  2. It is no longer required to type in a name to enter a game (if you don't type in a name, you will have an auto-generated name).

  3. Manta base damage increased by around 10%.

  4. Javelin health increased by around 10%.

  5. Bomber health increased by around 10%.

  6. Peregrine missile damage increased around 13%; machine gun damage increased around 20%.


  1. You can no longer see player name text through fog of war.

  2. Improved Battleship firing.

  3. Fixed black box showing on home page when adblocker was turned on.

  4. Fixed space bar press showing black screen in firefox.

  5. Fixed Gladiator disappearing when rocket feet ability used.

  6. The enter key should no longer close the end game window.

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Tactics Core is developed by Christopher Scott, who recently also developed a great multiplayer RTS game, Strike Tactics.

- v1.048

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